Grupo Netico Internet and Comunication
We are consultants internet and new technology projects as well as other consultancy activities Business and management.

As part of our expansion strategy, we developed two types of franchising solutions: network of sales agents and a group of portals on the Internet, to provide support to companies and businesses, to other types of activities or individuals, providing services webdesign, web programming, online portal development, search engine positioning on the internet, e-commerce solutions, bespoke software, marketing and advertising.

The international range acquired by GRUPO NETICO through Franchising is gradually establishing itself in terms of service provided and above all in terms of contribution to the dissemination and promotion of the Spanish and Portuguese languages ​​and its application in day to day business and communications.

We are currently in the implementation phase of expansion into new markets, including Latin America, Africa and even inside Europe.

At GRUPO NETICO we use new forms of communication and we ease the presence of companies in new markets through the internet. We approach the market players and we promote more efficient responses through dynamic management of content and service offerings, while providing greater involvement and interaction between everyone.

  • We provide our customers with greater visibility on the internet!
  • We want our customers to consolidate reputation within their respective markets within the online channel and become references in the new expanding markets, when people seek services from the scope of their activity.
  • We make your web pages easily discoverable in search results on search engines on the Internet!
  • We want our clients sites to have many visits from surfers!
Group Philosophy
Trust only in professionals, your company deserves it!
We are SEO professionals and adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines of the search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo, Msn).

We undertake not to use fraudulent positioning techniques to attempt to trick the search engines and attract more visitors. Our working method is 100% professional, our results vouch for us.

Appear on the first page of Google using irrelevant search terms has no value. We guarantee the first page of Google and quality traffic to your website.

Key words are defined between our team of SEO professionals and the client. Nobody knows better their own business than the client.

Our work is not limited solely to define keywords. Our team creates a custom web strategy to enhance the positioning of your website and with which to attract potential customers and visitors.

We conduct custom audit of your web through our analysis tools of search terms, visitor behavior and study of the competition.

We deliver Statistics of visits and web position in search engines.

We have a human resources team full of licensed professionals in computer science, programming, graphic design and online communication.

We care especially for the customer service. You will always find at your disposal a commercial technician assigned to your project to resolve any queries that may arise.

We guarantee compliance with deadlines assigned to each project.